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An Eye Shadow Palette is Not As Simple As You Think

A lot of us run to the store and grab any brand name of eyeshadow palette that we see. But there are things you need to think about like your skin type and skin color. It is very similar to putting on other types of makeup to improve your over all beauty.

Most eye shadow palettes contain colors that look the same inside. The reason is because they are shades which are able to accent your eyes better. Blue, green, and brown are very popular colors which work well with blue eyed people. However, another factor to consider if your actual clothing. This means that you will need different colors of eye shadow to help accent your eyes when wearing different colors. That is why I recommend you get a eye shadow palette that has a wide range of colors.

The downside is that the more colors that are included in your palette, the more expensive it will cost. Of course if you use eye shadow often then the expense will be well worth it. The last set that I bought was almost $50 but it has lasted for a year so far and should last the rest of this year.

You skin color is another factor to consider when buying eye shadow. The general rule is that if your skin is lighter then you should use a lighter color or shade. This would be the same that for darker skin you would use a darker shadow. Sometimes you might want your eyes to really make a statement but you must use caution as it can completely ruin your look if you don't do it correctly.

I always use brand name cosmetics because they are made from better quality materials. So when deciding between two similar palettes then you should always go for the brand name. Some of the cheaper brands use harmful chemicals or chemicals that will react with your other makeup. These were just a few important things that you need to think about.