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An Introduction to the Henleys Brand

In this modern era driven by image and material possessions', internet shopping, magazine criticism and celebrity worship it can be very hard to keep your wardrobe looking fresh, stylish and ahead of the curve. So many choices, colours, styles, sparkles, lengths, fabrics, opinions and pier pressure its enough to make your head explode, don't even think about the variations in the price tags too.

There are many designer brands you could go for to compliment your wardrobe a match your lifestyle but one that stands out has to be the designer brand Henleys. At last there is a clothing producer that matches everything perfectly, combines the best elements that are essential to looking good and staying stylish whilst keeping the price range low enough that you don't have to own a super car to be able to afford them.

The Henleys clothing range covers many different product groups allowing wearers to create outfits from head to toe or just add a great piece to any look. Henleys clothing produces designer t shirts, jackets, jumpers, knitwear, shoes, jeans and accessories that will make you shine in the best designer setting.

The h=Henleys jeans range covers light and dark denim, combat style, normal cut, various rises and a whole host of finishes to let you chose the right look for any occasion. Henleys t shirts also come in all sorts of variations but the most noticeable thing about them would have to be the name Henleys printed on most of them in various colours and often oversized, its brilliant really, what better marketing tool then to have your company name in extra large letters on an item that is amongst the most worn by the general public?

The jackets range, however, holds much more prestige normally reflected in the price tag but worth every cent. Henleys jackets even come in leather, wool and other knitted materials but each one carries a class of its own and a unique styling. Some of the style from this range spills over into the Henleys hoody range.

There are several Henleys sub brands that each signifies a different style and I suppose social group. The Henleys premium range is as you would expect the higher end of the price range with a more smart / corporate feel, the Henleys silver lions range is similar to the premium range but with the use of very modern graphics, motifs, detailing and stencil work, the Henleys luxury sport range brings all those polo tops and golf type jumpers in one easy to find place and the Henleys project deluxe range is much more smart casual with many of the over sized logo's through out.

In short if you are looking for a way to meet all of the fashion and trend expectations thrust upon us by society and the media standards then the Henleys clothing range is definitely for you.