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Fashion: Get Retro

If you are looking for a new look, one that is fashionable but will have you standing out from the crowd, then look no further, the retro look is just for you. Here, we will discuss how to dress in a retro fashion, the clothes to wear, the trainers to buy, and the haircuts that go with the look.

Firstly, though, what do we mean when we say the 'retro look'? Retro simply refers to a mode of fashion that has become culturally redundant. Currently, popular culture draws on many images, iconic movements, and styles from the past, keeping the basic design, but embellishing with some modern twists. We call this postmodernism, which is a term referring to our current cultural sensibilities: we take ideas from the past, and modernise them. A retro look, therefore, is the adoption of a previous fashion trend, modernised for the current era. In general, we say that a look is retro if it dates back more than 15 years.

The retro look is easy to pull off, but firstly, you need to decide the look you wish to adopt. Did you love the tracksuit/shell-suit looks of the 1980s? If so, then you will love the Adidas Originals range. One of the easiest fashions to carry-off because you do not need to go too in-depth with your research, Adidas has done the legwork for you already.

If you wish to adopt a more varied retro look, then begin by looking inside the fashion magazines. Because of the popularity of the retro look, you will find many articles on the subject, which can provide you with some great hints and tips, including ways in which you can create unique outfits that will be yours alone.

If you are stuck for inspiration, then you can always copy one of your favourite celebrities from the given era. Sportsmen are particularly useful if you love the retro look emulated by the Adidas Originals brand, things to pay attention to include the colours they favoured, the cuts they favoured, whether they mixed and matched brand names, which trainers they wore, and the haircuts they sported.

To create a bold retro look, mix fashion styles from various ages. For instance, choose a pair of bell-bottomed jeans from the 1960s, a funky shirt from the 1970's, and a pair of Adidas trainers from the 1980s. You can experiment with different colours with this look; each era liked a wide range of colours. You can opt for bold garish colours if you really want to stand out or more demure hues if you want to look great, but also appear understated too.

Whenever you put an outfit together, the golden rule is always to have a focal point. A focal point is the part of an outfit that stands out, that everyone looks to first. Adidas trainers are a great way of creating a focal point, because they come in such a wide range of colours and designs. Moreover, because they only make up a small portion of the outfit, you can afford to be more outlandish, without appearing too gaudy.