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Finding the Perfect Gift to Tell Her She's Special

Giving a gift isn't just about acknowledging that someone is special to you, sometimes it is a way of making an important statement -- that you love someone, that this is a special occasion that should be remembered or even that you remember something special about them. So with a myriad of gifts to choose from, how can you really make a statement?

1. Jewellery

Always a winner, jewellery is the perfect way to celebrate a special someone -- but with rings, bracelets, watches and any number of other items to choose from, how do you ensure your gift sends the right messages, and doesn't say you chose jewellery as an easy way out? Simple -- combine the item of jewellery with what you know about her, making a truly insightful and intimate gift. Go to lengths to determine if she prefers gold or silver, what stone she most loves or match her birth month, and importantly, based on her other jewellery, what design she prefers. Engraving a special message can a make it a keepsake that will last a lifetime.

2. Experience

A shared experience can really make a statement and also, again gives you the opportunity to show your special someone what you know about them -- that you do listen, pay attention and know how to make them happy. Consider her interests, some of the stories she's told you about her best memories, photos in which she looks like she is having the time of her life -- and apply it to the experience you prepare. Maybe she's a big fan of the film ghost - how about a session on the clay wheel with some classes together. Does she enjoy the wild side of life -- perhaps a bungy jump wrapped up together? She loves a particular animal, perhaps elephants -- how about a holiday to a retreat that cares for injured elephants? The key is to take what you intimately know about her, and apply it to your gift.

3. Something from the heart or mind

These days we can be a little superficial, and get wrapped up in having the biggest, the shiniest or the best. But sometimes, the best gifts are those that come from the heart -- or mind -- a gift we make. This can include a range of things and will just require you to draw on your talents. Does she like music, poetry? Have you experienced amazing travels together.

Take some of your intimate knowledge of her and apply it creatively. Perhaps you could use one of the online photo book making sites to develop a record of your time together, or compile a slide show of shared experiences, matched with a selection of songs you share. You could have one of your favourite memories painted or sketched by an artist, or simply plan romantic evening with all of her favourite things -- the movies she likes, the music, the food, massage oil, scents and comforts.

While all three options range in expense and effort, the foundation of all are showing someone you care -- making the statement, 'you are special' by drawing on the time you have spent together and enjoyed, and the intimate things you know about one another. If all else fails, a beautiful diamond ring will never go wrong!