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How to Succeed As a Beachbody Coach

Before becoming a Beachbody Coach, it is imperative that you make a wise decision who to join with. Unfortunately, there are far too many Coaches in Team Beachbody who have lost focus of their downline and have become virtual recruiting factories, rather than focusing on the success of the new Coaches that they are signing up.

Understand that the Network Marketing industry has only a 12-15% annual retention rate. In my opinion, the reason for failure in Beachbody is because new Beachbody Coaches are not properly trained in the secrets that make people successful in this business.

First, many Coaches lack basic Internet marketing skills. Instead, they push the old ways of prospecting, recruiting and sponsoring as they were taught years and years ago. Most uplines are still telling their new Beachbody Coaches to make a list of 100 people they know, including their neighbors, doctors, friends and family in an effort to recruit them into the business. Quite frankly, these are antiquated methods that have no place in this business. I know some will argue with me, but the fact is, they do not know any better. And what may have worked well (1% success rate) in the past, is not smart business in the Internet age.

The fact is, just because you are interested in your own business does not mean everyone you know is! Contacting these 100 people with rejection after rejection is disheartening and it's the number one reason people drop out. Their initial excitement turns sour when they fail at signing others up in the business and they quickly drop out.

The solution to this problem is choosing a Beachbody Coach who is familiar with effective online and offline marketing tactics that target people who are actually interested in your business opportunity. Instead of chasing friends and family, a good Beachbody Coach who is savvy to the latest recruiting techniques and attraction marketing can mean the difference between success and failure in your new business.