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Most Popular High Tops This Summer

When you are choosing your High Tops, the key thing to get right is the brand. Whatever type of trainer you actually want, what you need more than anything is the right brand. If you get the brand right then the rest is just a matter of personal preference.

When we think about High Tops, the first brand that always comes into mind has to be Converse. One of the original high top brands and still one of the best, Converse are known for their style and individual designs. Though the basic structure of the shoe with rubber sole and canvas uppers embossed with the canvas logo has not changed, Converse are continually changing colours and designs to keep their shoes up to date with the latest trends. And this summer, the new limited edition converse include stars and strips and heart patterns as well as new colours such as Forest Green, to keep you in with the latest trends. And to celebrate the success of DC comics, Converse have also brought out a line of comic converse boots featuring, Batman, Superman and the Superman 'S' which are going to be flying off the shelves this summer.

But if you want something which is going to scream performance, then this summer is going to be all about the Nike 6.0 range. Led by the Zoom Mogan Mid 2 trainer, Nike are going to be the leaders in trainer performance again this summer. With increased layers on the upper for extra durability and higher collars for support, if your focus is performance and your goal is success, then the Nike range are definitely for you. Available in a range of colours to suit your style and fashion, each trainer is designed with performance qualities you would expect from a Nike Trainer but the additional new features make the Nike 6.0 the must have range for the season - and with the Nike Swish emblazoned on the side, there will be no room for fake imitations.

After performance has to come style, and the brands to watch out for this season will be Osiris and DC. With all the best celebrities and sports stars being seen in trainers recently, we are all looking to see what the style for the season will be. Going into spring, the definite focus is on black and monotone trainers which is probably a strategic ploy to make you ready for the big style of the summer which is going to be colour. And Osiris and DC have got it down.

For every man, woman and child there are a pair of Osiris trainers for you in the colour that you want. Known for their bright styles and up to the minute knowledge of fashion Osiris are one of the hottest names in trainers and with every element of style comes another in performance. Even when you look good you still need to be able to perform and the Osiris trainer gives you superb performance in a trainer that is going to see you through the summer and show you at your very best.

And what is there to say about DC? Look at any awards ceremony, music festival or celebrity event and at least one of the top men of the moment will be wearing their DC's - even if it is Justin Bieber! DC trainers are cool, fashionable, made to last and made to shine. DC's can be worn with any outfit from a pair of boardies through to black tie, giving a great twist to the suit or tux.