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Protect Your Dog With a Life Jacket

You might think it is silly to put a dog in a life jacket when they know how to swim. However, there are certain situations where a life jacket can prove to be necessary. Even the best swimmers can use a little extra help now and then.

Why Wear a Dog Life Jacket?

There are several reasons why a dog might need to wear a life jacket. Not all dogs are excellent swimmers; some of them have poor swimming abilities. You may have noticed a dog paddling around in the water and not getting anywhere.

Long-haired dogs can have problems because their extra hair weighs them down when it is wet. Small dogs need extra help because they cannot fight against moving water as well because of their size. This can happen in rivers or lakes or in a pool with people splashing around.

Your dog would also need a life vest if you take them out on a boat in the river or lake. If they should happen to fall overboard, they could be knocked unconscious or injured. A dog floatable jacket would keep them afloat until they are rescued. In the event of a boat accident, people would be rescued first, and a life jacket would protect the dog until it could be rescued.

Elderly dogs with arthritis can use a life jacket to help them get exercise by swimming in a pool. It would be easier on their joints and still provide enjoyment for them. Movement is good for their arthritis, but it can be difficult to walk on hard surfaces if they have severe pain. However, they would tire out easily if they tried to swim without a life vest.

How to Get Your Dog Used to a Life Jacket

Measure your dog first to make sure you get the right size flotation jacket. One that is too small will be uncomfortable; one that is too large can come off in the water. Once you know the size, look for the right life jacket in stores or online. They come in a wide range of colors, styles, and prices; choose the one that fits your dog's needs the best.

Once you have the dog life vest, put it on your dog to make sure it fits. Let them wear it for a few minutes for several days until they are used to it. They should be comfortable wearing it before allowing them to use it in water. Once they have adjusted to the jacket, they will appreciate how much easier it makes swimming.

People often think of dogs as being self-sufficient, but they require the same care and consideration as humans. There are many events and situations where they cannot protect themselves, and a life vest is one way you can better protect them.

If you spend a great deal of time on or in the water and you want to take your dog with you, consider investing in a life jacket for your dog. It can give you peace of mind and protect your dog.